Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Ron and Sammie Affect

She fell in love with the enemy
He fell in love with a thief
He shot her in the heart with a gun
The beginning of the end
She stole his heart with just a graze of her lips       
She wore his heart on her own sleeves
She let her wrists bleed
He spoke a different language
One that she couldn’t read or translate
Dyslexic love ,they got it all backwards
He has it all blind   
Didn’t see the jewel in front him
She was his favorite lovely opponent
She gave his heart a beating
And he crushed her with bare hands
Tossed her to the wolves in sheep clothing
Neglected she turned into a beast
He was no match for what he has created
In his chest lived a passion that consumed is every being
Thirsty for every ounce every drop of her
She was a fighter
He didn't fall too far behind
Set up in a ring always agasint one another
These fights lasted all night
They snapped photographs to keep the memory alive
Somebody should have warned them that this was insanity that had arrived to take over their lives
Photo albums filled with smiles of four years of denial       
She the scorpion she caught him with the stinger
He was addicted to her poisonous way
Toxins consuming his body his veins
He was the lion the king
She was in love with the pride and nobility
Fighting the same war just a different battle
His bloody knuckles
Her hurt hands
Holes in his bedroom walls   
He would scream at the top of lungs how much he hated her
But his heart would not let him hate her
He would walk away
She would run after him
Pushing doors shut in his face
He turn around
And take her with open arms
Letting the sky fall on them
Making up again
Next morning
“Im sorry , I love you we guna make it “texts would await her phone
They were opposites attached at the heart the hip and the soul
The power of love had them losing control
She questioned and questioned
He gave her no answers just a another fight
It was her fault again
Just the vicious cycle
Of another argument gone wrong
He didn't understand
She didn't know how to let go
He cried that she left him abounded and alone
Laying next to each other and feeling a million miles away
Two ticking time bombs laying in the same bed
In the night she pretend she was asleep
He would kiss her forehead and whispered “I love you so much”
But she pretend not to hear it
She cried about the naked chicks up in his email
She turn around and turn to irrelevant texts from random dudes
She had followed into his footsteps
She had learned the game
He was on the offense
She was so defensive
So much love
Too immature to realize they were guna lose it all
Love had came by
And had slipped through the cracks
The more he tried to catch it the more it slipped from his fingertips
The more she try and save it
The more it became a waste
Time spent on arguing
They had each other all figured out
They knew  which buttons they loved to press
He press PLAY......He was running the game
She press REWIND, she couldn’t take the past our her mind
They press PAUSE ... and hold each other in a hopeless embrace
Many attempts at moving FOWARD . She just could not get over it
Anger consumed these two
The  flame grew bigger
They were burning in their own hell
Stabbed  at each other in the back
Stab at each other in the front
She kept falling for the same words " I'm sorry I love you so much you just make me so angry”
The flame. grew bigger , stronger , longer, higher
They were burning in their own hell
They had both lost the fight

By Lina Gonzalez