Monday, March 28, 2011


We used to laugh together
We used to change the weather
We used to cry together
There was pain there was  pleasure
You brought me down moons and stars with our names carved followed by forever ……
Forever was promised
 But forever never came around
 Forever was like chasing a ghost
There is no way you will catch it
You think you see it
But its your mind playing tricks on you
I should have listened to stupid quotes like “Promises are meant to be broken”
Promises broke along with innocence
This was a treacherous game
Where you would blind my eyes’
deafen  my ears’
fog my mind
and stab my heart
I had a clean slate and you were up a notch
What is the score me against you?
Innocence against a trained liar
Trained by male ego , insecurity and society
Those that choose quantity over quality
Those that chase skirts
And do their dirt
Turned bull shyt into truth
Stories to down play my beliefs
I never did believe any of it  you know
I pretended to for the sake of love
Blind love
So I too I’m a liar
A deceiver
Just as bad as you
I was lying to you and to my self
That this thing would last that I was “fine”
This bitter sweet feeling
Stupid me to let it get to me
I didn’t know any better
The game is consistent
As follows………..
You lie you cheat you beg you cry and im back it again
Yea was new????????
Only have my self to blame
I was attached to a story teller
Writing out
 Four page letters of
“it will get betters “
I was on a losing streak
Losing my self
Losing respect for you
Losing trust
Losing love
Gaining lust for others
Gracefully ignoring reality
Ignoring the fact that I fit perfectly into your comfort zone
You were addicted to getting away with it
And I was addicted to love
And you had no care because this was a game
And games are meant to be fun
And someone’s bound to get played
This game wasn’t fun to me
Blaming my self for so much disrespect
In the name of love I was shame
In the name if love I put immature men before me
In the name of love I became what I was so fearful to become
In the name of love I gave up my identity
In the name of love I was overpowered  with jealousies
So in this game who is really winning?
Me or you?
Because god send angles to me who
where generous enough to give me the wings off their backs
I have lost nothing 
I have gained my self
And that is the winning relationship
So when it is all said and done
Who im I?
A woman with tear drenched pillows?
Or a soul survivor?
Soul survivor deems better with me
Enough laughs to make up for weeping
Enough smiles to make up for lost tears
I used to think this was the end
The end became the beginning
And the beginning of me
This war became who I used to be
The war became a fight with my self
The old me and the new me just going back and forth
Old me fading
New me thriving
Not who I am today
I look back and rest assured you are the most wonderful mistake that ever happened
My heart is stamped with a mark of new beginnings
And lessons learned
and new life
You walking away from me
Let the sun rays shine on me
Because you were blocking my light
No longer was I walking in your shadow
Im the leader of my walk
The controller of my emotions
The creator of my dreams
Making my own music
So im walking to my own beat
The music from my joy to uplift others
And the game is so glued to my brain that I just sit back and
Let these silly fools play them selves
When they think they are playing me
I’m already two steps ahead
I’m quiet because im thinking
Im honored to have all the right moves
In my mind like a chess player
I’m emotionless because these leeches will latch on to weakness
So strength is the only thing  I crave
I am shining because I am truly winning

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Late Night Creep....

Its 4:17 am…

She stumbles through his door

With sex in her eyes

He grabs her by the waist and leads her to the bedroom

He dims down the lights real low and

Tosses her unto the bed

She lets down her hair

Too many buttons on her shirt

He slowly unbuttons each button as if it was art

Anticipation rises through her skin

Grinding her hips on the bed waiting

For it to begin

He pulls her pants off in a rush and

Tosses it  somewhere in the room

He mounts on top of her

And their lips  rush into each others

Intense dancing of the tongues…….

They make a transfer of passion from lips hands skin and scent

Electricity from their bodies light up the room

She sinks her face into his neck

Like a vampire  bites the skin that she craves

Pressed up against each others warm bodies

Erect nipples to his chest

And his erection  brushes up

Against her drenched laced panties

She’s waiting to be pleased

She breathes in heavily as his firm hands

Slowly rub up against her hips

Up her back and unto

The back of her neck combined with

Soft kisses and he whispers in her ear “ Are you ready”?

She responds in soft sighs ‘Yes”

His hands pressed up against her wrists

She’s become a love slave

Kisses on her neck

Her body is  at ease

He leaves behind a trail of kisses from her lips to her breast

Down her stomach and followed by kisses to the inner thighs

He is loving every inch of her womanly curves

He honors as if it was his religion

Slowly kissing caressing rubbing her inner thighs

He dips into her ocean with his mouth

Waves blast off

As he releases small flickering of his tongue

And waves start flowing

And he speeds up the motion

Moans escape her mouth

Covered by pillows to her mouth

He gets up gets on top

Spreading her legs wide open

He enters slowly

And slithers until there is no space left to enter

She and moans...

As he does his thrust faster

He grabs and kisses her neck and holds her

Filling every inch inside of her

She sits up and plants kisses on his lips

And stares down into his eyes

Thrusting together holding each other

And she screams


She’s about to release

Her sweet love juices

He gets up and drinks up every drop

She sits up silently   

Kisses him on the forehead

Gathers her clothes

And walks out the door, until the next time

Monday, March 21, 2011

I now pronounce you husband and wife

When we first met I was about one years old
You saved me when my soul got sold

To the devil in disguise....

When we got deep I was about thirteen
We eloped together when I was sixteen

Blew out my candles ,
You crawled up my spleen

Into my ears and then into my cranium
You hit the right nerve like heroin
You make me move my body into a trance
Sedated I get up and dance

While your singing in my ear
sweet melodies
And I'm enamored by your charming beats

My world embraces your tender flows
And I want to grow old with you

Your fist always in the air ready to fight
I know you will never leave my side

Cold winter nights came by and you blanketed me
Life got dark you shed light for me to see

My world embraces your harmony
I press play I'm defined  by  matrimony

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will You Love Me?

They say sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me
I love to argue that point
Because your words hurt me
They were words enveloped in lies
Lies that swerved like bullets strait to the heart
I did not know my heart was the bull eyes for your lies

Ironically I'm sitting on clouds while my feet are heavily cemented to the ground.

A different man walked by he wanted to sweep me off my feet
So I told him
I’m grounded you can’t pull me away from this concrete

That cage around my heart is locked up tight
There is no key I threw to the ocean
So I got this locked down
The finest of blacksmiths can’t figure this thing out

I’m on the other side of a mountain
Can you move mountains?
Can you move this mountain to get to me without giving up?
Will you make it to my heart?
Because to my knowledge only god moves mountains

Mechanical heart with mechanical parts
I turned the off switch
Because I have a crackling heart with missing parts
Been jerked around kicked around like an old piece of junk

Now I understand the tin man
Heartless tin man lost in the woods.
A man who forgot how to love
Human turned to tin
No room for a fragile tender heart to fit in his rigid chest

My heart is cold I cannot feel I am numbed out with this blizzard
An ice age has taken place
And an ice block has replaced its spot

See baby if you really want to love me
I’m going to you need you to be my locksmith
And swim for me along the wild sharks with razor sharp teeth to find that key
Will you find me?

I’m going to need you to create miracles and
Move mountains with faith
Because I have none to give

And if your going to love me!!
I’m going to need you to be my mechanic
Pick me up from the shelf dust me off and shine me up
Can you fix my old mechanical heart?

Will you be my wizard of oz?
And grant me my one wish
Help me find a pulse

And if you’re going to love me will be my warm hot summer nights
Will you melt me away?

By Lina Gonzalez

“The Tin Man now had no heart to love with and forgot how to love so he just kept chopping wood until he got stuck in the rain and rusted. We were once human, made from flesh and blood but in the pain from life we have become broken people made from tin.”Mitchell Richards

She is Poetry Pt2

About a year ago me and my friend Lisa Maldonado thought of a great idea, to create a poem and one day perform it at a slam as a two woman operation. We decided to create a poem about our love for poetry. So we came up with the name "She is Poetry" this name reflects our love for the art and how we view poetry as a “strong woman who saves the day”. But in reality we are the strong young women who are saving ourselves with this gift to create poetry.

We both have  different styles of writing so,instead we decided to create two separate pieces. I created "She is Poetry" and Lisa created "She is Poetry 2”.

Shh can you hear the silence of my screams,
My wings clasp on to these margins of captivity,
My crown gleams gold,
I am the shadow of a queen,
My goddess,
first love,
Blade glistens down wrists carving flesh to feel,
Broken memories I tend to conceal with a smile,
You wipe wounds with yesterdays,
Promise truth as life betrays,
And I was born to love the way you,
Tiptoe into closed eyelids and tear down walls,
Seep into the broken hearted and heal their scars,
Drunken sober lips setting them free from afar,
Feeding small doses of hope into those who have nothing at all
Your tears are my own that bleed for the rest,
One soul speaks for every victim that's ever been silenced,
They'll try to clip your wings,
Try to narrow down your fall,
But my soul lives to breathe you in,
And my heart lives to exhale all that you are,
I am in love with a goddess,
My sweet queen,
She goes by the name of poetry

By Lisa Maldonado

Lisa is a very talented young lady who’s been blessed with the gift to write. She’s been writing since she was ten years old. She has participated in a "Women’s awareness to the arts" show, where she read her poems to educate and inspire her fellow classmates about the art of writing.Lisa continues to write and hopes to one day publish her work.

Monday, March 14, 2011

She is Poetry

High off the sweetest drug
She is my goddess my sweet love

Unspoken and written truths
Are the gifts she delivers to you

Reigning over me as my queen
She conquers this heart like nothing I felt or ever seen

Her words are my tears
She cries for me and words drip drop onto this page making things clear

Running through my veins
Of all the feelings that are locked and chained

Prisoner of a flow
A flow for diminishing old time lows

I call her poetry

She travels down deep alleys of my world
Creating butterflies and making my tummy curl

She substitutes these prescription pills
The truth is what she reveals

She cancels out blunts
Kicking down brick walls and fake fronts

She numbs out the bad
Making happiness out of the sad

She turns frowns into smiles that glitter and glisten
So take a second to really listen

Because I write so rapidly
The room spins so fast it does  not exist to me

I'm somewhere lost in the galaxy
Of this addiction to sweet poetry

Paper cuts all worth the high
Proof of the empire I’ve built with all my might

And if I have made your fingers snap my mission is done
I owe it all to poetry what I’ve become

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Searching for Inspiration

       One of my New Years resolution for 2011 is to  perfect my writing and of course write more.In order for this to take place  I have to surround my self with literature and anything that is poetry. So what better way to soak up some inspiration then to a attend a poetry slam. So this Friday I went to the famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe. A place where poets go to speak out their work. Its is an honor to watch these poets of all different ages and backgrounds tell thier stories and make a passion out of it, because in reality pain is art.As I walked  up the long New York city block I noticed that the line for the Cafe reached almost to the end of the block . I was so excited to see so many people interested in the art of spoken word. Normally the line only consists of about ten people, but that night it was definitely a full house .
     That night a poet by the name of” Love the Poet “was having a book signing and also reading some poems from her book “ Black Marks on White Paper “ .Her poems were very amazing .She spoke about her adversaries of being a black woman and also about the discrimination that comes with being a lesbian . Her words were strong and striking,. I admired her presence and strong will and the fact that she has made writing her way of life and her career.
    Then the next event for that night was the actual slam which was hosted by Jive Poetic who is currently a NYC high school teacher . Jive Poetic surprised the crowded by introducing one of his students and letting him perform his poem . This 16 year old kid got up on stage and read  a poem about society and the government. At first he was nervous but then as he got comfortable he let the words flow out of his mouth so smoothly . It was evident that he was born to do this. It brought so much joy to my heart to see this young man doing something so positive and inspiring that many  mature adults wouldn’t  have the guts to do . Then the show lead on.
    There were five different poets all from different backgrounds and preaching about different topics . The beauty of it all was that they were so different but all shared the same interest which is to write. The competitors were very talented . One poet cried ,because she was speaking her heart out on stage about a bad relationship .M y favorite poem was by “Marshal Soulful Jones” .In this poem he described how in these times people are emotionless and do not connect anymore because of  the internet and technology makes it so easy to stay connected and we have lost sight of true human emotions. One of my favorite verses from his poem is “ We used to sprint for blackberries now we go to Sprint for Blackberrys . I was blown away by this line because it made so much sense!  There was so much talent and inspiration in that cafe that  my heart was uplifted. That is truly where my heart belongs some where along the lines of writing my heart out. As I watched all the talent unravel in front of me I couldn’t  help but to wonder how does it feel to be on stage .Surely enough as I  walked out of the Cafe I was inspired to write . Mission Complete!.So here is to a year of perfecting! May the poetry begin............

PS. My support goes out to all writers getting their work out there and promoting them selves and also to those spoken word poets who get up on stage to speak their minds!!!!!