Sunday, March 13, 2011

Searching for Inspiration

       One of my New Years resolution for 2011 is to  perfect my writing and of course write more.In order for this to take place  I have to surround my self with literature and anything that is poetry. So what better way to soak up some inspiration then to a attend a poetry slam. So this Friday I went to the famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe. A place where poets go to speak out their work. Its is an honor to watch these poets of all different ages and backgrounds tell thier stories and make a passion out of it, because in reality pain is art.As I walked  up the long New York city block I noticed that the line for the Cafe reached almost to the end of the block . I was so excited to see so many people interested in the art of spoken word. Normally the line only consists of about ten people, but that night it was definitely a full house .
     That night a poet by the name of” Love the Poet “was having a book signing and also reading some poems from her book “ Black Marks on White Paper “ .Her poems were very amazing .She spoke about her adversaries of being a black woman and also about the discrimination that comes with being a lesbian . Her words were strong and striking,. I admired her presence and strong will and the fact that she has made writing her way of life and her career.
    Then the next event for that night was the actual slam which was hosted by Jive Poetic who is currently a NYC high school teacher . Jive Poetic surprised the crowded by introducing one of his students and letting him perform his poem . This 16 year old kid got up on stage and read  a poem about society and the government. At first he was nervous but then as he got comfortable he let the words flow out of his mouth so smoothly . It was evident that he was born to do this. It brought so much joy to my heart to see this young man doing something so positive and inspiring that many  mature adults wouldn’t  have the guts to do . Then the show lead on.
    There were five different poets all from different backgrounds and preaching about different topics . The beauty of it all was that they were so different but all shared the same interest which is to write. The competitors were very talented . One poet cried ,because she was speaking her heart out on stage about a bad relationship .M y favorite poem was by “Marshal Soulful Jones” .In this poem he described how in these times people are emotionless and do not connect anymore because of  the internet and technology makes it so easy to stay connected and we have lost sight of true human emotions. One of my favorite verses from his poem is “ We used to sprint for blackberries now we go to Sprint for Blackberrys . I was blown away by this line because it made so much sense!  There was so much talent and inspiration in that cafe that  my heart was uplifted. That is truly where my heart belongs some where along the lines of writing my heart out. As I watched all the talent unravel in front of me I couldn’t  help but to wonder how does it feel to be on stage .Surely enough as I  walked out of the Cafe I was inspired to write . Mission Complete!.So here is to a year of perfecting! May the poetry begin............

PS. My support goes out to all writers getting their work out there and promoting them selves and also to those spoken word poets who get up on stage to speak their minds!!!!!


  1. Awesome first Post! Keep up the blogging, would love to read more.

  2. hey lina!! i love it .Art is pain pain is art is expression of you true self through words,music,paint..simply creation. i wanna read moree . love you!!!1