Monday, March 14, 2011

She is Poetry

High off the sweetest drug
She is my goddess my sweet love

Unspoken and written truths
Are the gifts she delivers to you

Reigning over me as my queen
She conquers this heart like nothing I felt or ever seen

Her words are my tears
She cries for me and words drip drop onto this page making things clear

Running through my veins
Of all the feelings that are locked and chained

Prisoner of a flow
A flow for diminishing old time lows

I call her poetry

She travels down deep alleys of my world
Creating butterflies and making my tummy curl

She substitutes these prescription pills
The truth is what she reveals

She cancels out blunts
Kicking down brick walls and fake fronts

She numbs out the bad
Making happiness out of the sad

She turns frowns into smiles that glitter and glisten
So take a second to really listen

Because I write so rapidly
The room spins so fast it does  not exist to me

I'm somewhere lost in the galaxy
Of this addiction to sweet poetry

Paper cuts all worth the high
Proof of the empire I’ve built with all my might

And if I have made your fingers snap my mission is done
I owe it all to poetry what I’ve become


  1. I love it you can def make this to a song! : )

  2. That's exactly what I was thinking. I loved this verse.