Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will You Love Me?

They say sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me
I love to argue that point
Because your words hurt me
They were words enveloped in lies
Lies that swerved like bullets strait to the heart
I did not know my heart was the bull eyes for your lies

Ironically I'm sitting on clouds while my feet are heavily cemented to the ground.

A different man walked by he wanted to sweep me off my feet
So I told him
I’m grounded you can’t pull me away from this concrete

That cage around my heart is locked up tight
There is no key I threw to the ocean
So I got this locked down
The finest of blacksmiths can’t figure this thing out

I’m on the other side of a mountain
Can you move mountains?
Can you move this mountain to get to me without giving up?
Will you make it to my heart?
Because to my knowledge only god moves mountains

Mechanical heart with mechanical parts
I turned the off switch
Because I have a crackling heart with missing parts
Been jerked around kicked around like an old piece of junk

Now I understand the tin man
Heartless tin man lost in the woods.
A man who forgot how to love
Human turned to tin
No room for a fragile tender heart to fit in his rigid chest

My heart is cold I cannot feel I am numbed out with this blizzard
An ice age has taken place
And an ice block has replaced its spot

See baby if you really want to love me
I’m going to you need you to be my locksmith
And swim for me along the wild sharks with razor sharp teeth to find that key
Will you find me?

I’m going to need you to create miracles and
Move mountains with faith
Because I have none to give

And if your going to love me!!
I’m going to need you to be my mechanic
Pick me up from the shelf dust me off and shine me up
Can you fix my old mechanical heart?

Will you be my wizard of oz?
And grant me my one wish
Help me find a pulse

And if you’re going to love me will be my warm hot summer nights
Will you melt me away?

By Lina Gonzalez

“The Tin Man now had no heart to love with and forgot how to love so he just kept chopping wood until he got stuck in the rain and rusted. We were once human, made from flesh and blood but in the pain from life we have become broken people made from tin.”Mitchell Richards

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  1. This is beautiful, shows that your love and trust wont be easy to gain......bear with talent couldnt ask for more! AOW!