Tuesday, March 15, 2011

She is Poetry Pt2

About a year ago me and my friend Lisa Maldonado thought of a great idea, to create a poem and one day perform it at a slam as a two woman operation. We decided to create a poem about our love for poetry. So we came up with the name "She is Poetry" this name reflects our love for the art and how we view poetry as a “strong woman who saves the day”. But in reality we are the strong young women who are saving ourselves with this gift to create poetry.

We both have  different styles of writing so,instead we decided to create two separate pieces. I created "She is Poetry" and Lisa created "She is Poetry 2”.

Shh can you hear the silence of my screams,
My wings clasp on to these margins of captivity,
My crown gleams gold,
I am the shadow of a queen,
My goddess,
first love,
Blade glistens down wrists carving flesh to feel,
Broken memories I tend to conceal with a smile,
You wipe wounds with yesterdays,
Promise truth as life betrays,
And I was born to love the way you,
Tiptoe into closed eyelids and tear down walls,
Seep into the broken hearted and heal their scars,
Drunken sober lips setting them free from afar,
Feeding small doses of hope into those who have nothing at all
Your tears are my own that bleed for the rest,
One soul speaks for every victim that's ever been silenced,
They'll try to clip your wings,
Try to narrow down your fall,
But my soul lives to breathe you in,
And my heart lives to exhale all that you are,
I am in love with a goddess,
My sweet queen,
She goes by the name of poetry

By Lisa Maldonado

Lisa is a very talented young lady who’s been blessed with the gift to write. She’s been writing since she was ten years old. She has participated in a "Women’s awareness to the arts" show, where she read her poems to educate and inspire her fellow classmates about the art of writing.Lisa continues to write and hopes to one day publish her work.

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  1. I think you both have a unique style but they tie together well. As I was reading both poems it felt like I was reading hip hop lyrics. I felt the rhythm of the words. Nice job.