Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Follow your Dreams and Never Look Back

A giant wave washed over my life like a tsunami
I saw my life get sucked into the ocean while the sun shined on the waves
Reflecting back images like a broken mirror
Bits and pieces of
Past present and future
The past mirrors back the beginning of the journey
Me inside my mother’s womb
Writing poetry on her uterus
The past showed 12 year old me taking routine trips to the library
The place I used to find peace in
The past showed16 year old me writing on diaries
Keeping secrets from the world
The present showed me speaking on this very stage
Liberating my heart like therapy
Present day me standing 56’ of the ground
So now
I take a step forward now
I know where I’m going now
I’ve reached the point of no return
There is no way I can stop here now
There’s no way I can backtrack
I don’t know how I’m getting there
I just know that I’m headed there
I’ll get there by foot
I’ll get there by flight
I’ll get there by car
I’ll do it NYC style
Hop on the iron horse
All that matters is that I’m getting there
But clearly I’m walking
I’m walking slowly
Captivated by this experience
I do not care about how long it will take
All that matters is this journey there
I’m looking back and I see my footprints on the sand
I’m straight out the water
Like a baptism
Is time for me to start living
Walking on cement
I look around at the signs
I look down and someone has a left a message for me, on black asphalt
Chalked into the ground it read
“Become your dream”
This is an epiphany
But my feet are moving a little faster now
So every step I take is a step closer
A step closer to the calling
I been waiting for this for so long on which direction to take
I Stumble
I get back up
Write a lil
I catch myself I am at war with my doubts
Pen as my weapon and paper as my shield
There is no way I’m going out like that
I write step stumble
The journey of following my dreams
When I’m up on this stage
 I’m looking for two things:
To pave the way of a broken dreamer
I want someone out there who can relate
Because my heart is enclosed on this page
I come here to deliver a message
Follow the crafts that you see fit for you
So how bad do I want it?
I want this as bad as helpless romantics want love
I want this as bad as fiend crave their fix
I want it as bad as we want the cure for cancer
This has to be right
Because I write to right my wrongs
And the pen accompanies me while loneliness tries and consumes me
My heavy thoughts fall unto thin pieces of paper
When I’m on this stage my walking has become a flight
I feel like I’m flying
The future
A distorted image of me standing there alone
Up and close with a microphone
Still reading from pages encrypted with the secret code to my soul
Unlocking me like therapy
An image of me making music with words
Of you dipping in and you looking though archives of my soul
I see you pulling something out
I see you relating
To my book
My peace

By Lina Gonzalez

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another one lost to the Streets

“You got a lot of living to do before you die
And you ain't got time to waste”
This a rap song about a man who was shot nine times
and flaunts being a gangsta as if it was his career choice.
A lot of gangstas die where they came from
In the streets!!
So every time you tell me to let you live
 I’m going to assume that your definition of living
 Is you killing your dreams one brain cell at a time
You rummage through the rubble like a fiend
For a couple dollars to get your fix
You have burned down this house
Every time you light a spliff
When I look at your writings on Brooklyn brick walls
I hear frequencies from the radio playing a depressing song
You’re painting a picture of insecurities
Marking your territory
‘5o”was here.
You change your self and try to fit in
 I guess you’re trying to win
But I see the sadness behind your rebellion
And you lose
Sagging your pants and becoming a an identical zombie
Dipped in polo like the rest of them
No job where is this money coming from
Listening to Wiz as he drowns out intelligence with marijuana smoke
You take steps of a giant in the wrong direction
You have exchanged books for the hood
No knowledge
This is the war between jail and college
You don’t like jail bars
But your jail bound
You tear the heart away of the woman who loved u from day one in the womb
Do you think you’re a man?
When you push your mother out the way
And shove yourself to the streets
Where did your heart go?
I really don’t know when your innocence turned into stone
I’m tired of seeing cold metal cuffs hugged up tightly to your wrists
Sadly you’re adding to the list
 Of minorities failing victims to these ghetto streets
Every Fb status  I see is followed by
“Free my boy…..”
Please that is what I want to see!
Young brother
I want you to free your self
From these chains
I want you to free yourself of the mold they put on Hispanic young men
I’m tired of putting on the news and hearing News reporters say
“A young Hispanic young man allegedly accused of illegal guns., rape robbery etc…
This list can go on
I’m tired of police asking “Was he black was he Hispanic”?
Free your selves’ young brothers
Free yourself from peer pressure
Free yourself from these restrains that keep holding you back
Free your mind with knowledge
Ignorance is not bliss
Our fathers did not leave third world countries
To raise criminals
They came here for a better life
Our people is better than that
And we are so tired of getting that call
Please pick up your son from the 75th precinct
There’s a hole in the cemetery with your name on it
Sadly we are just waiting when to put you in it
Because you’re just a couple heartbeats away from death
You say” let me live”
But you’re barely living
Half asleep half alive
Walking zombie
Because little brother your chasing your demons
Right to the grave
What’s become of your sanity?
You exchange reality for drugs
When will you stop using mathematical knowledge for drug transactions?
When will my little brother come back?
Because sometimes when the phone rings
Chills creep on me
And I fear when I pick it up
That the voice at the other end of the line
Says “ Mam your little brothers dead”
And I said it once and ill say it again
 “You got a lot of living to do before u die, and you aint got time to waste”

 By Lina Gonzalez

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My First Poetry Slam

I finally had the guts to get up on stage and recite one of my pieces at the Nuyorican Poets cafĂ© right here in NYC.I went to sign up for a poetry slam which is a competition amongst poets/spoken word artist. It was by far the most amazing feeling in the world. I will admit it was very nerve-racking I was worried that maybe the audience wouldn’t like my poem or maybe I would choke and mess it up or be nervous to read and freeze up there. All these doubts ran though my head.  Once I heard the host call my name up to come to the stage all these doubts instantly disappeared. I felt like it was my calling and my moment to show the world what I was about. I went up to the mic and confessed to the audience that it was my first time doing a poetry slam. I got very comfortable within an instinct. Nobody existed but me and that mic and GOD of course. I blacked out into this zone that is just explainable. I’m not sure what to call this zone but it is a place that is addicting and therapeutic all at the very same time   . My words were really flowing out from my heart and I felt it in the crowd that they were feeling me .By the end of my poem my confidence grew as well. I felt so happy getting off stage hearing everybody’s huge round of applause. Once I was done with my poem I walked back to my table of supporters. As I was walking back I was receiving love, respect and handshakes from experienced spoken word artist and telling me it I did a great job. Someone in the crowd yelled “That shyt was dope!!” lol those words were very encouraging. I even received a high score from a tough judge. When the host went back up to introduce the next poet after me he quoted one of my lines as well. I felt like I had been accepted in their world and their inspiring words and comments were a blessings to my ears .This experience was amazing. After doing it for the first time I must to do it again. Now I will grind harder with my writing and maybe win this competition with enough practice that is. I learned a little more from the experience on what not to do and what to do and I will be definitely be changing weaknesses into strengths. I am very happy with this moment in my life but I know it doesn’t stop their this still a journey I must continue in order to achieve greatness. This is only the beginning.

This blog is dedicated to poets/ writers or anyone out there that is hiding their talents. You only live once and we all have a purpose. Take steps into following your dreams whether it is big steps or little steps just always moves. Don’t let your talents go to waste. I know there are a lot of talented people put here in this world. God made us all different and planted seeds of creativity in us for a reason. There is always a calling for you, you just have to listen and pay attention. Share your talent you maybe inspiring someone else to follow in your footsteps or helping someone with your words. “Carve weakness unto the bottom of your foot and step on it with every step forward-Lina

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Response to JoyRide by Ariel Lopez Soilder/Poet

She was my mustang and we were surpassing the speed limit
They said to quit but I was feeling better than deep hits
 Ef the joint she was my joint looking back at the bitches I passed
We were moving too fast
 And somehow while we were dipping I couldn’t take the hint to grasp the brakes
So we ended up crashing and I spent months asking
Why couldn’t I lower down the speakers that were blasting
I couldn’t hear the voices telling me she is deadly
 Now I’m readily steadily checking everyone of my "whips" engine's melody...
 Cuz not every car is faithful
So you gotta know the bolts and nuts of a bitch cuz crashing is painful..
She let me down
 No better yet it’s the other way around.
I should’ve never rushed to try out the new clutch
When speakers blasting that my stubbornness overlapping.
I was so fuking blind with love of this ride I could’ve been napping.
On lovers lane we failed each other
Sad to say that I was ready to spend more time feeling her dash then spending time with my mother..

-Ariel Lopez


Here we are
Two roads in front of me
The road to love
Or the road to change
I left my mind behind in the middle on the intersection
I revved up the engine
Pumped the gas
and took my heart on a joyride
Pumped up the music and let the beats accompany me on the journey
Easy going at first
Test drive was smooth
Later on down the drive I found myself on a high speed chase towards hell swerving through lanes after you
From a far you glowed as bright as an angel
I drove closer my eyes widened as I found out you was the devil in disguise
Glowing redder then my blood shot eyes  
I lost control of this car along time ago
I just kept driving despite the fact that it was breaking down
The car was fueled with gas and the meter was on E
All out of love
and the key to start to it up was a simple little lie
But I was done lying!
 and ended up in a dead end  not even the devil was anywhere  o be found
I was all alone trying to figure out
How to start a car up with no gas
I needed to go back
But how could of if I had no fuel no love
So I’m walking
I’m taking the heavenly road step by step
Going backwards on this love
Walking backwards to recover my mind my thoughts
Watching hearts race into the opposite direction to that dead end
I shake my head because I know what will happen when they get there
Lovers’ lane aint what’s cracked up to be
The ride there was nothing but frenzy
Bumpy roads speed bumps
Sign of detours
But no I was addicted to lover’s lane 
Not even the weather could stop me
I kept driving
So blind didn't even see the road of ahead of me
But im glad I left my mind behind because I would I lost my mind too
I get to the intersection and walk path less taken
And as I continue to walk
I have developed some wings
And now I fly
I pick the road that was intended for me
Because sometimes god
Sends you down these paths you think you need
To show you what you really don’t need
To my blind lovers … Drive safely

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Our flows collide and intertwine in the mix
Conversation so sick
We are like two puzzle pieces
Fitting in perfectly
All the perfection and qualities
You run through my mind constantly
With “coulda shuda wudas “
Could it be that you are Mr. Right?
So why does it feel so wrong?
 feel like I’m perfect for you
Could it be that maybe we are perfect for this sin
Because you have me feeling like Eve
I yearn for a bite from that apple in the tree
But Mr. Untouchable you can’t be touched
It said it all in your name
And the irony is
That our bond is so tight
Connection so deep
Vibes so strong we don’t even have to speak
I love it when you talk to me through your eyes Mr. untouchable
And I wonder why temptation feels so right
Addicted to all the wrong things
Like Kanye said
“Why everything that's supposed to bad make me feel so good?
Everything they told me not to is exactly what I would
Man I tried to stop man I tried the best I could”
But I couldn’t
I just had to have you
Even if it was behind the scenes
Because you make me feel good in our sinful little ways
Growing closer while we sleep with the enemies
Lies and deception
Chemistry cooking up a nice little recipe’
Perfect recipe for heartbreak warfare
Craving for you to pull my hair
Hot steamy lust affair
Bite my lips
and grab me tight
Feel our bodies fall into sync
Kiss me so passionate
Hold my hand and squeeze me right
or ill climb on top and ride the waves
Feel my moves and rhythm 
Make your body reach that peak
The combination feels right when you are next to me
And the world turns and turns
And the bond grows and grows
Surprises from all different angles
and the story goes and unfolds
lust turned to love
you still remain Mr. Untouchable…..