Thursday, April 14, 2011

My First Poetry Slam

I finally had the guts to get up on stage and recite one of my pieces at the Nuyorican Poets café right here in NYC.I went to sign up for a poetry slam which is a competition amongst poets/spoken word artist. It was by far the most amazing feeling in the world. I will admit it was very nerve-racking I was worried that maybe the audience wouldn’t like my poem or maybe I would choke and mess it up or be nervous to read and freeze up there. All these doubts ran though my head.  Once I heard the host call my name up to come to the stage all these doubts instantly disappeared. I felt like it was my calling and my moment to show the world what I was about. I went up to the mic and confessed to the audience that it was my first time doing a poetry slam. I got very comfortable within an instinct. Nobody existed but me and that mic and GOD of course. I blacked out into this zone that is just explainable. I’m not sure what to call this zone but it is a place that is addicting and therapeutic all at the very same time   . My words were really flowing out from my heart and I felt it in the crowd that they were feeling me .By the end of my poem my confidence grew as well. I felt so happy getting off stage hearing everybody’s huge round of applause. Once I was done with my poem I walked back to my table of supporters. As I was walking back I was receiving love, respect and handshakes from experienced spoken word artist and telling me it I did a great job. Someone in the crowd yelled “That shyt was dope!!” lol those words were very encouraging. I even received a high score from a tough judge. When the host went back up to introduce the next poet after me he quoted one of my lines as well. I felt like I had been accepted in their world and their inspiring words and comments were a blessings to my ears .This experience was amazing. After doing it for the first time I must to do it again. Now I will grind harder with my writing and maybe win this competition with enough practice that is. I learned a little more from the experience on what not to do and what to do and I will be definitely be changing weaknesses into strengths. I am very happy with this moment in my life but I know it doesn’t stop their this still a journey I must continue in order to achieve greatness. This is only the beginning.

This blog is dedicated to poets/ writers or anyone out there that is hiding their talents. You only live once and we all have a purpose. Take steps into following your dreams whether it is big steps or little steps just always moves. Don’t let your talents go to waste. I know there are a lot of talented people put here in this world. God made us all different and planted seeds of creativity in us for a reason. There is always a calling for you, you just have to listen and pay attention. Share your talent you maybe inspiring someone else to follow in your footsteps or helping someone with your words. “Carve weakness unto the bottom of your foot and step on it with every step forward-Lina


  1. Congrats on finding the courage to stand up and perform. I can see myself hitting someones stage. But it'll take some practice first. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. Wish you the best, for your next slam, attitude is everything, just be a diva on the stage, that way you own the mic, and remember for spoken word, what the audience want more than anything is to relate to your piece hence character play, really goes along way, own the stage....

  3. hey mama, congrats what poem did you recite ?