Saturday, April 9, 2011


Here we are
Two roads in front of me
The road to love
Or the road to change
I left my mind behind in the middle on the intersection
I revved up the engine
Pumped the gas
and took my heart on a joyride
Pumped up the music and let the beats accompany me on the journey
Easy going at first
Test drive was smooth
Later on down the drive I found myself on a high speed chase towards hell swerving through lanes after you
From a far you glowed as bright as an angel
I drove closer my eyes widened as I found out you was the devil in disguise
Glowing redder then my blood shot eyes  
I lost control of this car along time ago
I just kept driving despite the fact that it was breaking down
The car was fueled with gas and the meter was on E
All out of love
and the key to start to it up was a simple little lie
But I was done lying!
 and ended up in a dead end  not even the devil was anywhere  o be found
I was all alone trying to figure out
How to start a car up with no gas
I needed to go back
But how could of if I had no fuel no love
So I’m walking
I’m taking the heavenly road step by step
Going backwards on this love
Walking backwards to recover my mind my thoughts
Watching hearts race into the opposite direction to that dead end
I shake my head because I know what will happen when they get there
Lovers’ lane aint what’s cracked up to be
The ride there was nothing but frenzy
Bumpy roads speed bumps
Sign of detours
But no I was addicted to lover’s lane 
Not even the weather could stop me
I kept driving
So blind didn't even see the road of ahead of me
But im glad I left my mind behind because I would I lost my mind too
I get to the intersection and walk path less taken
And as I continue to walk
I have developed some wings
And now I fly
I pick the road that was intended for me
Because sometimes god
Sends you down these paths you think you need
To show you what you really don’t need
To my blind lovers … Drive safely


  1. I saved the rough draft to thie poem I remember reading it a while back. Its great to read it done very good! (Snaps)

  2. LOVE IT!! Girl, this was so good. I was "Hmm-ing" all the way through it. (Clap clap snap).