Saturday, April 9, 2011

Response to JoyRide by Ariel Lopez Soilder/Poet

She was my mustang and we were surpassing the speed limit
They said to quit but I was feeling better than deep hits
 Ef the joint she was my joint looking back at the bitches I passed
We were moving too fast
 And somehow while we were dipping I couldn’t take the hint to grasp the brakes
So we ended up crashing and I spent months asking
Why couldn’t I lower down the speakers that were blasting
I couldn’t hear the voices telling me she is deadly
 Now I’m readily steadily checking everyone of my "whips" engine's melody...
 Cuz not every car is faithful
So you gotta know the bolts and nuts of a bitch cuz crashing is painful..
She let me down
 No better yet it’s the other way around.
I should’ve never rushed to try out the new clutch
When speakers blasting that my stubbornness overlapping.
I was so fuking blind with love of this ride I could’ve been napping.
On lovers lane we failed each other
Sad to say that I was ready to spend more time feeling her dash then spending time with my mother..

-Ariel Lopez

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