Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Follow your Dreams and Never Look Back

A giant wave washed over my life like a tsunami
I saw my life get sucked into the ocean while the sun shined on the waves
Reflecting back images like a broken mirror
Bits and pieces of
Past present and future
The past mirrors back the beginning of the journey
Me inside my mother’s womb
Writing poetry on her uterus
The past showed 12 year old me taking routine trips to the library
The place I used to find peace in
The past showed16 year old me writing on diaries
Keeping secrets from the world
The present showed me speaking on this very stage
Liberating my heart like therapy
Present day me standing 56’ of the ground
So now
I take a step forward now
I know where I’m going now
I’ve reached the point of no return
There is no way I can stop here now
There’s no way I can backtrack
I don’t know how I’m getting there
I just know that I’m headed there
I’ll get there by foot
I’ll get there by flight
I’ll get there by car
I’ll do it NYC style
Hop on the iron horse
All that matters is that I’m getting there
But clearly I’m walking
I’m walking slowly
Captivated by this experience
I do not care about how long it will take
All that matters is this journey there
I’m looking back and I see my footprints on the sand
I’m straight out the water
Like a baptism
Is time for me to start living
Walking on cement
I look around at the signs
I look down and someone has a left a message for me, on black asphalt
Chalked into the ground it read
“Become your dream”
This is an epiphany
But my feet are moving a little faster now
So every step I take is a step closer
A step closer to the calling
I been waiting for this for so long on which direction to take
I Stumble
I get back up
Write a lil
I catch myself I am at war with my doubts
Pen as my weapon and paper as my shield
There is no way I’m going out like that
I write step stumble
The journey of following my dreams
When I’m up on this stage
 I’m looking for two things:
To pave the way of a broken dreamer
I want someone out there who can relate
Because my heart is enclosed on this page
I come here to deliver a message
Follow the crafts that you see fit for you
So how bad do I want it?
I want this as bad as helpless romantics want love
I want this as bad as fiend crave their fix
I want it as bad as we want the cure for cancer
This has to be right
Because I write to right my wrongs
And the pen accompanies me while loneliness tries and consumes me
My heavy thoughts fall unto thin pieces of paper
When I’m on this stage my walking has become a flight
I feel like I’m flying
The future
A distorted image of me standing there alone
Up and close with a microphone
Still reading from pages encrypted with the secret code to my soul
Unlocking me like therapy
An image of me making music with words
Of you dipping in and you looking though archives of my soul
I see you pulling something out
I see you relating
To my book
My peace

By Lina Gonzalez

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  1. This is beautiful...YES, I read the whole thing. Didn't what to expect...It seemed interesting...at the end I exhaled "wow".