Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Black Roses

There are no answers in the mirror
Because the mirror can not reflect whats been inflicted in our hearts
Cupid upgraded and got rid of his arrows
instead hes shooting at us with guns
Bullet holes on our chest being sewed up by doves with yarns of peace
Doves who know we  are broken from the start
Like a black rose
But we are survivors
We just don't survive the day
We also make it through the night
And blessed are us black roses to be born so differently
Blessed are those woman who have been struck with tragedy
For we have risen stronger off the ground then we were yesterday
While men have picked us up and thrown us back to the ground
The wind has swept dirt on us
But we grow  a little taller towards the sun
And our petals reach out to the skies
And we have lived nightmares
But we have also lived dreams 
And in  a field of pretty colorful bright flowers
You cant avoid us
We attract like magnets
like force
While pretty flowers receive massive amounts of light
Us black roses find light within ourselves to grow
And fools are the men who think they have us fooled us
Because we are the flowers that are everlasting
Our wombs designed to bear kings and queens
because we just weren't the same as all the other flowers
The bright flowers wither
But the black roses live forever
The flower that nearly crashes and always builds itself even stronger the then the  last
With petals and stems that reach the sky every time a little higher
With out the drop there wouldn't be the stretching out to the sky
Us black roses were built that way
But men please do not  attempt to whisper sweet nothings in our ears
Our composition is much too  deep, complex and intricate for simple minded men
Who think with their simpler minds ... If you know what I mean
We are the right equation in search of the  answers
But look in to the sky
The name of every black rose is written like a star keeping the night sky lit
And constellations are images of black roses designing new love
We are the north stars that guide men
A beautiful  flower that grows with out help
We make our own rain
Our thorns are prickly because we have grown resistance to this game
So with every adversary  are thrones grow sharper
And our placentas are filled with holy water
Are children are blessed
And we shall not wait for men to put us on pedestals
We will build are own pedestals
Too high for the average man to reach
We are beyond measure
The perfect height for the right man who has the right amount off man power to want to jump that high
To the man that reaches us you are now kings
And to the man who finds a black rose
Just know that we are equilivalent to four leaf clovers
We fall asleep with teary eyes
Only to awake with bigger smiles to start new days
So the next time you cross a black rose just remember that God planted our seeds with his own two hands
And instead of using seeds he used diamonds

-Lina Gonzalez (She is Poetry)