Monday, May 16, 2011

Following the Signs

                I have always said that God has a plan for us but we have to pay attention to the signs that he puts in front of us. Sometimes we miss the signs and other times the signs come just at the right moment .The universe has completely smacked me in the face with a calling, and I’m so glad it has happened. The calling: finally figuring out the purpose of my life. Some are blessed to know what they would like to be as early as childhood. I remember back in elementary school the teachers would always ask me where I see my self in ten years. I never knew the answer to this question. And as I got older the question became more and more confusing. And as I reached adulthood I was completely lost with out a clue in what path to take.
Growing up I would write in a diary which I kept to my self. I was not very often that I would let anyone read. I started writing when I was 16 and from there I just never stopped. My style of writing has changed over the years due to growth and maturity. It went from free writing to poetry. Up until recently I have found a new form of self expression, spoken word. I have been doing performing open mics and events on a weekly basis in hopes to perfect my skill and to keep learning. I have met some amazing poets and the community is so welcoming and warm. I have decided to take this route with my life because I rather take a route that my heart is in rather then wonder “what if“? I have realized there is more to life then working a nine to five and just making money to support myself. I see the beauty in the simple things and life without self expression is pointless. I love to inspire other people to write because I know the amazing high it creates .As I get deeper and deeper into this world, I’m loving poetry /spoken word more and more each day. Some people have said to me that they never saw me as the “writing type”. My answer to that is that I kept it hidden from the world because it was very personal to me. My poetry is based on real life personal experiences and my views on the issues of the environment around me inspiration and anything that I feel the need to express my self on.  This is a transitional time in my life; things are coming to change for the better and are falling into place. My priorities are straight and my motto is “Business before pleasure”. My vision is becoming clearer by the weeks, inspiration has become contagious. In a recent open mic I bumped into a very talented man, a veteran in the world of spoken word, the 2001 slam champion at the “Nuyoricans Post Café” by the name of Ainsley Burrows. He gave me the best advice. “When I first started there where poets who were better then me but eventually they stopped doing the open mics, I’ve learned that is all about how you dedicate yourself”‘. Everything in life comes with hard work and motivation so I’m willing to give my all to my passion. I’m intrigued by many spoken word artists who are activist who really want to make a difference in the community. Because I as well would love to make change weather it is big more small. Some of the changes I’m interested in are promoting poetry to children. The children are our future and they deserve to have the utmost exposure to creative art.
                         A very close person to me pushed me to come out of my shell. Although I was very stubborn at first he altered my life. I was blessed to cross paths with this individual because that push was necessary. I must say that I would have never taken my writing seriously or even got up on stage if it wasn’t for him I am forever grateful and thankful for this. After that sign more signs kept coming my way indicating to take this direction. I remember randomly picking up a book and I opened it and the book was about a group of high school kids who there teacher had them do open mics every Friday during class.  This was I interesting because that book had been laying around in my house for years now and I had picked it up to read it just in time .I must say that after  reading this book I was debating weather taking up spoken word or not . Another sign was when I was taking a walk in Central park. And some one had chalked into the ground “Become your dream” This was the last and final sign before I went up on stage. Being on stage has opened up new doors for me and created new opportunities. Like they say one door opens new doors. This is only the beginning of the journey .I’m looking forward and I’m excited to see what’s in store for me .To be continued..................

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