Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Part 1
Every night before I lay my head to sleep
I weep a little
Sadness marches up to me like a loan shark
I'm living a life indebted
I owe apologies
Thank yous
So I pray
I pray that all my imperfections are forgiven
I pray that my apologies are heard over the radar
I pray that god hears I am grateful
For allowing me to open my eyes to a brand new morning
I pray because  I'm going through  hell everyday
Some that you may never know of because
My heart speaks a different language
One that my tongue can not interpret
This stress weights on my shoulders  heavy
And I cant help but to smile daily
Emotions locked up in a volt
So these emotions all lay here
While I sleep
In my dreams
As I write
All the time!
God please take me out of here!!
I pray u rest in peace
He  took u away u rapidly
And I pray that those families that hurt for you godmother
Have sunshinesin the morning
I pray that you forgive me because I don't believe in religion
I don't step foot into churches
I have no faith in an organization that money launders
And I pray
And I pray that my family is kept
That my mother will stop tearing
And I pray that my bills are paid
And I pray that this world wasn't so crazy
But it is
So i pray
I do not mean to preach
After I leave my body on this earth all I have  left is my faith
I pray that every time I'm having conversations with the devil
That god drops the call
Fades the signal
Blows up the phone
But the devil is always on call waiting to suck me dry of faith
So I pray

Part 2
Every night  before I lay my head to sleep
I weep a little
 I know we won't be living forever
We must all die
And I hope my souls go not to heaven
I hope it roams the earth like a guardian angel
Gods  helper
Blessed with a halo made from stars
Harps making music of peace
I want to live inside your dreams
Plant ideas in you imagination
I want to create  inception
I wan to be a euphoric angel
Make you feel  high when you have arrived at rock bottom
Bring bright lights to the dim spirited
The angel that shines a little faith when your feeling faithless
The one that sprinkles hope when your hopeless
The one to remove the shackles off your chained mind
The angel that  "accidentally" drops your glasses of alcholic beverages when you want to binge drink
The guardian angles fading out the devils calling
I just want to be an angel
For this I pray


  1. Lina,
    This was beautiful. Believe that your prayers He hears. As always, keep it up nena.

  2. This touches a lot. However we will be higher than the Angels. Heaven is where you should aspire to be. Roaming the earth eternally is bliss in some way. Continue to be strong, continue to Pray, Continue to Learn and Yearn for a better relationship with God. Beautiful poem sister, I can feel the words because I can relate so many ways.

  3. Bring bright lights to the dim spirited..Keep up the good work. Love this line.

  4. Such deep write, you have got me thinking