Friday, June 17, 2011

Love vs Trust

Guy: You say we're all no good
Meanwhile I'm trying to use the words that escape my mouth
To erase the mistakes your ex-boyfriend drew onto your long-term memory,
But your eyes seem to be dyslexic when it comes to love
Cause even when I tell you the truth you distort it to see lies,
It’s like you built a wall around your heart and melted the keys
Now I’m on the outside looking in
Putting my all into your heart and there’s no way of even seeing what’s inside

Girl: It will take more than words to take down this gallery
A gallery created with lies for building blocks
The museum of the collection of broken hearts
Every painting with ex boyfriends initials at far right corners
There is no erasing to what has been drawn with pen
Pen turned to knives leaving scratches indented into my mind
No whiteout to cover up what’s underneath
And in this gallery surrounded by pretty white picket fences
Turned into haunted mansions of disbelief
Please paint me a pretty picture
Now tell me can you build me a museum
Hop into my dreams like inception?
And kill off my long term memory?
Erase mistrust with love?
Love lost and no love found
I extract truths to be lies
Because I have yet to see a man do any good
You have fallen in love
And I’m falling in pride
Guy: They say when a heart breaks it never breaks even
But I refuse to let any man get the better half of yours,
Look in my eyes
When you do you’re staring in the face of hurt,
Trust me I’ve been through pain too
Those same knives that found their way to your mind
Were the same ones placed in my back
By women whose unsure hands I was stupid enough to let hold my trust,
Only for them to carelessly let it fall to the ground and shatter into pieces of regret,
But I found your smile and it performed surgery on my hope,
It slowly healed all my wounds and faded away my scars
And ever since I’ve been trying to do the same for you,
I’m not asking you to renovate your museum
I’m just asking for you to open the door,
Let me in so I can see the exhibits of hurt from your point of view,
There is no erasing to what has been drawn with pen
But that doesn't mean it’s impossible to rewrite history,
Even the ugliest paintings that haunt your dreams
Can be turned upside down to change the way you see them,
I want to flood you with my trust and drown your thoughts until I flush out all your misconceptions,
I want the honesty in my voice to run through your veins and slightly clog your arteries
So every time your heart beats you feel a part of me,
I just want to find the key to your heart so I can be a part of you,

Girl:I can't deny that my heart stops when your next me
Drowned in kisses that create music
Orchestras and symphonies
Every kiss ending with a smile
Our hearts intertwine
Making snowflakes fall from the sky one by one
One for every moment in time
And eyes closed, body to body I see visions
Like a movie playing in my mind silhouettes of yesterday ghost trying to
Ruin this
And I run
devil on my shoulder ordering me to flee
Bitter sweet to all of this
Falling in love
Hearts walking on suspension lines
Please keep me balanced
Between my dark side and my other dark side
And if throw myself out the window with this one
Will u be willing to catch me?
Or maybe fly me with mid fall?
I’m floating on clouds
But I remove these clouds from under me every time

Guy :I’ll gladly fall asleep with my arms stretched to catch you if you ever fall in my dreams
Or maybe just keep them outstretched for you to hold on to,
There’s 8,736 hours in a year but I’m not asking for all of your time
Just give me a chance to rewrite your opinions written by years of disappointment
Just let me guide your mind to a place called trust where everything seems unfamiliar
I’ll leave a trail of bread crumbs just in case your heart becomes lost in what’s new to you
And I promise your only regret will be that you had to be hit so many times with hurt to find out how true love feels.

by Lina Gonzalez and Mark Payne

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