Monday, June 27, 2011

You are Appreciated

There’s a day that I will never forget
I sat on her lap gave her a huge hug and kissed her on the cheek
I asked her if she would always be there for me to save me from all the monsters
And she responded “No, there aren’t any monsters"
So I tried asking again hoping that she would give me a different answer
And asked
“Would you try to take them away?”
And she said "Yes"
The monsters I was thinking of were ones that lingered under my bed
Behind shadows
In closets
Ghouls and goblins
Green monsters from TV with eerie voices
Blood sucking vampires
And evil spell binding witches
As I grew older
These Ghouls turned to loneliness
Goblins into despair
Scary things from under my bed became betrayal, bipolar disorder, anger management, trust issues and Death.
If only I could go back to when my mother used to rub my forehead
Back to the days when she was able to cure my bumps and bruises with band aids
If only life were that simple
She used to say don’t be in such a hurry to grow up
Childhood years are short
I never knew what she meant just knew in the back of my head that I would one day understand
She was my first home
 Home is where the heart is
And my mother was my first kiss
The transfer of love from her lips to my forehead
And my mother taught me how to be kind
Taught me the value friendship
Also taught me the good old fashion beatings
I was sheltered
Only because she was trying to protect me
I no longer need protection
You need it now
But I promise to take care of you when you get to old age
To dry your eyes the same way you did for me when I was younger
To give you head rubs when you no longer can walk
To give back the same love that you taught me
You see I know nothing last forever
And one day we will no longer be next to each other in the flesh
But our mother daughter bond shall live forever
And when I have my own daughter I will do things a little differently
But I will always show her how to pray how you taught me
Hot to love how u loved me
How to forgive how u forgave me
And if could take back every wrong thing I ever said about you
I would
But I can’t
So I will just make it up
Because this is unconditional love
And though we aren’t traditional best friends
In my mind you are
Because a best friend does exactly what you do
And though sometimes you don’t understand what I do
I know u still have the faith in me that I’m doing it all for the right reasons
And though I have broken your heart
Done the all the wrongs things just to get them right
I’m proud to say you have taught me well
For this I am thankful
There’s no greater love then a mothers love
 How I beg to be that little girl again
The one who run by her side
Hold her hand to cross the street
Now I’m too old for that
If only I could go back and have my mother tuck me in bed
To the moment when she taught me how to pray
Taught me to believe in higher beings
She spoke of God and all the miracles he created
And I believed every word
And when I was down you said
"Nadie se a muerto , levantate de ahi que el mundo sique y sique”
And when I ran away you took me back with open arms
And when I’m down to my last dollar
You give me your last dollar
If I’m hungry you would give me your last meal
And if you could take the load off my back
You would
So correction
Because you did show me how to kill off the monsters

By Lina Gonzalez

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