Monday, June 27, 2011

United States of Zombies

We wake up every morning to chase dead presidents
Paper chasing bills that read "In god we trust"
These white collard thieves don’t fool me with this fake religion scheme
We swear on a bible to the" To tell the truth. Nothing but the truth "
Ironically a system built on lies
This is what I call a gimmick
The government trying to run us out of our own minds
Our sanity
Brainwashed zombies
Trying to own the only thing we have control over
Our Minds!
And here we go again!
The glory shined on a new black president!
They are just deviating our minds away from was really happening
Distracting us
They say "That we are doing way better because we have finally reached this new level of equality "
I call this the new level of doom
How much worse can this get?
They say there is a war on terrorism.
The only terrorists I see are these politicians
Invading in our privacy
Brainwashing us with media
They even know what every home is watching on TV
Sate lite TV.....................
Can you take a hint?
We are deaf not listening to was really going on
We are blind the truth is right in front of us
Senseless the news feeds us doses of fear
Every fucking day
The morning news!
The news at 12!
The six o clock news!
The then 10 clock news
A dose of negativity right when we wake up
and right before we sleep
I can not take this evil medicine anymore
They sell freedom to young warriors and exchange them with machine guns
We have to buy our way into everything
To kill for peace?
Sent out to hide behind war trenches outlined with a better tomorrow
I’m wishing that your rifles shot bullets of knowledge
instead of looking for weapons of mass destruction
If we really pay attention the war is about money
We live for the dollar bill
They rape us for the dollar
Causing mass destruction on our people
These weapon to end the world
Well the world is slowly ending how much worse can this get ?
The governments only agenda is steal our money
We have become a nation of zombies with no identity
Sex sells on television
And kids go and put what they see on repetition
We complain that the bible is man-made and we question why we should praise it
But go ahead and obsess and idolize over man made materials
Louie ,Fendi, Gucci,
We wont praise Jesus but know the names to ridiculous songs
Cant even remember sacred palms
How hypocritical
All this commotion seems political
The media has the youth under a spell
There is no difference between earth and hell
Guns sex violence and drugs
Kids exchange knowledge for dubbs
Why is it that all the wrong things are appealing?
People have forgotten the power of self healing
America is addicted to pornography
We are the killer of babies
Get our nuts off and abortion is the result
This nation is suffering
Addicted to pain killers while the pain still kills ya .
We are trying to diminish pain temporarily
And anti depressants are the new fads
the national debt is way beyond us
Survival of the fittest
Working class at the bottom of the food chain getting raped for our last dollars
We are hypnotized by ads to buy buy
They follow you know what you like
and throw it in your face
Debit Cards tracking system..................
Do you get the hint?
And work for the rest of are lives always owing somebody
Gving our lives to these credit card companies
Owe owe owe! And then the devil comes after our souls
Calling us bothering us asking when we will send over money
"How would you like to pay mam, can we sign you up for easy rape.*cough cough * I mean easy pay
Amercia the land of the free or the land of the doomed ?
Like the leading epidemics like child abuse!
What kind of fucked up shyt is that ?
We living in the land where adults get off by fucking children
Seems like Americans would do anything for a nut
Are we in recuperation? Or are we in mental deprivation?
Not everything you see on TV is clear
And materials are not self fulfilling
More people get divorced then get married
People welcome new fads into their lives more then God
People think is bad to love and strive for lives alone
Talk abut incredibly wicked !
We are zombies
Our eyes are dollar signs
We walk in one direction’
Lead by the sick hypnotism of this political nuisance
We are nothing but dollar signs to the govt.
Bar codes
Scan me please out of this catastrophe
A bunch of numbers that just don’t add up

By Lina Gonzalez

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