Friday, June 17, 2011

The Point of Complication

I am going to love you like no other
With everything inside of me 
The love of a woman runs deep beneath the wishing well
Your wishes become true
But here is the trick
I'm going to love you until the point of complication
I will run away with your heart and steal it 
Because the point where it all goes down hill I will not be taking 
How can I give something my all when its not going to last forever
Is crazy how they say something don’t last forever
But love seems to creep in us still like ghosts
Haunting the life of me 
Starting up unfinished business
People say they are in love when they get those butterflies in their tummy
I know I’m  in love when I start a race
Yeah that’s right a race
A race against you
Escaping something great
Running away and never coming back
My words leave me so freely
But I still have a hold on them
Careful to give you only part of me
Conversations become stale because I'm afraid to show  myself
Jokes become constant in order to conceal how nervous I actually feel
Kisses become rushed in order not to feel the rush that goes through my body
In order not to go through a great catastrophe
Holding hands with loose grips
The electricity shatters my skin travels
Into my heart
Your electric shock has me zoned
I can't hold on long enough to let this shock kill my spirit
So I run
I run build walls greater then the one in Berlin
I run !
Set boobie traps so you wont find me
So maybe that you will trip and fall
To the ground and in love with someone else
I run
Into an abyss with no location
Just a trail of unwanted certainties
Fuck this your saying all the right things
Appreciating me all the right ways
But I run
I am afraid of uncertainties
I like concrete ideas
The idea of meeting someone taking them home
 Doing what I please and kicking them out in the morning
Because it is certain  that they will be gone in the morning
You wont know if its  going to be disaster
You know that’s a risk your not willing to take
They say if you went through it the first time
And you made it through a heartbreak
Why is it so hard
To do it again?
Because you just wish it wouldn't happen again
Because you just remember how hard it was the last time
Not being able to escape
I don’t ever want to be trapped
And baby your love has me caged
Against four walls
In my mind
But I'm too proud for this shyt
Proud to act like I feel
Proud to act like the sight of you melts me away
I don’t know how many more hits   I can take
Acting like I just don’t care
Because pretending not to care hurts just the same
Because baby I rather see you love someone else
Leave ours the way it is because it is not yet broken
I have reached the point of perfection
Whats certain is that

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  1. This is awesome! The title had me hooked but the content pulled me in.