Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Late Night Creep....

Its 4:17 am…

She stumbles through his door

With sex in her eyes

He grabs her by the waist and leads her to the bedroom

He dims down the lights real low and

Tosses her unto the bed

She lets down her hair

Too many buttons on her shirt

He slowly unbuttons each button as if it was art

Anticipation rises through her skin

Grinding her hips on the bed waiting

For it to begin

He pulls her pants off in a rush and

Tosses it  somewhere in the room

He mounts on top of her

And their lips  rush into each others

Intense dancing of the tongues…….

They make a transfer of passion from lips hands skin and scent

Electricity from their bodies light up the room

She sinks her face into his neck

Like a vampire  bites the skin that she craves

Pressed up against each others warm bodies

Erect nipples to his chest

And his erection  brushes up

Against her drenched laced panties

She’s waiting to be pleased

She breathes in heavily as his firm hands

Slowly rub up against her hips

Up her back and unto

The back of her neck combined with

Soft kisses and he whispers in her ear “ Are you ready”?

She responds in soft sighs ‘Yes”

His hands pressed up against her wrists

She’s become a love slave

Kisses on her neck

Her body is  at ease

He leaves behind a trail of kisses from her lips to her breast

Down her stomach and followed by kisses to the inner thighs

He is loving every inch of her womanly curves

He honors as if it was his religion

Slowly kissing caressing rubbing her inner thighs

He dips into her ocean with his mouth

Waves blast off

As he releases small flickering of his tongue

And waves start flowing

And he speeds up the motion

Moans escape her mouth

Covered by pillows to her mouth

He gets up gets on top

Spreading her legs wide open

He enters slowly

And slithers until there is no space left to enter

She and moans...

As he does his thrust faster

He grabs and kisses her neck and holds her

Filling every inch inside of her

She sits up and plants kisses on his lips

And stares down into his eyes

Thrusting together holding each other

And she screams


She’s about to release

Her sweet love juices

He gets up and drinks up every drop

She sits up silently   

Kisses him on the forehead

Gathers her clothes

And walks out the door, until the next time

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