Monday, January 23, 2012

This Ones for Me

Natural MDMA feelings
I’m on a dope trip
This is rebirth
In love with the sound of my hearts acceleration  
This feeling of excitement follows me recently and ever so frequently
My first breathe of air and I'm high already
This one is for the Hitler in you, creating genocide to every positive thought
Death upon a whole entirety
This one is for my skyscraper legs
My destination to the sky
Head in the clouds
Everything is mellow
This is an is ode to me and ode to you if you feel me
This one is for waking up one day and realizing you need a change
For the personal revolutions
For digging my claws into hell and reaping what I sowed
For every night we looked at the sky  and there were no stars
Just clouds that blocked our light
This is for the moon that haunted your sun
For the flames that lost their fury
For the loves that turned to dust
For the tears that turned to ice
For the abortions that turned to dollar signs
For the ones who stare at half empty glasses in unison
For the pen and paper that held me down
This one is for the knives that stabbed our backs
This one is for the devils that freelance on our shoulders
For learning to shake them off our beloved backs
This one is for the long lost gaze at the rear view mirror
This one is for the battles we have fought that left us feeling lost
This one is for the victory
This one is for a contagious smile
For the real laughter that breaks awkward silences
For the immaculate innocent that been poisoned by the hands of time
This one is for the poet of the night that is forced to feel
May your song be a symphony!
This one is for the fucking apple that started female rebellion!
Did I forget to mention this one for me?
A break from asshole boyfriends, sick parents, broke dreams, dead end jobs, bills, debt and criminal family
This ones for all the excitement of what’s to come
This shit is for all the adversary that made you, you
For creating and not destroying
For creating while destroying
This one is for a new beginning
This one is for the strength sweet God has injected into my veins
This is for every moment I have looked in the mirror and have said to myself:
“Today you will kick ass darling”!!
by Lina Gonzalez

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  1. I hope to continue like that in your life.Poetry is a kind of life who make you full of feelings.I am a man who write poems too,from Greece.Thank you for all these poems.Keep going