Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Art of Lonely Men

A woman's most prized possession is in between her legs
Loose women give it up to you with out the mare sound of a beg
Numbers of loose women's, change and condoms in your pocket
You walk around with an empty heart shaped locket
Loneliness consumes your thoughts
Adding to the growing list of all these women you have bought
Nothing compared to the one that has you caught
Up in this schizophrenia , don't know whats real
So numb you don't know how to feel
Heart locked up in a box made of steal
You replace her every night
With easy woman who's panties hit the floor with out a fight
They love you, they call out for you
You respond to their womanly fuse
This is what you do as you wait for the return of the girl you still haven't met
She has you sick , but your a dog no doc you need a vet
Perfection is what you envision
When she comes by is time to play your position
Shes a woman of a million battles and you are meant to be one of her war wounds
She will be a woman down because of you
Failure is but a figment of your imagination
Like a trickster you will trip her and then come to her salvation
And for her.. inside of you a fire burns
Shes built like a church
Beautiful on the outside
Holiness  lives inside
And you  will turn her into a wicked gargoyle of the night time
Hungover days followed by sleepless nights
A male ego tripping on his lonely pride
You continue to insert your keys in locks of doors that lead to nothing nut dead ends
Meet new ones  and your only interest is how far that ass will bend
Create problems and leave you with questions with no answer
This love shyt is starting to kill you like cancer
You send out drunk text messages before the sunrise
The biggest lie you tell in your "good guy" disguise
Now shes fucked in body and mind
You go over board with the caressing
Hide all those feelings your bench pressing
You fuck each and everyone of them pretending
That they were the love you once lost
Imaging that your heart and hers crossed
Living the double standard :No strings attached
But all strings attached to her back
Shes your favorite puppet
You say jump shes jumps right on top , you love it
Hard drugs no highs just a trip
Mixed emotions and mixed drinks
How many girls let you hit?
You have loose women recreating carbon copies of them selves
No abortion they want to all the financial help
Loose woman reproducing bastard children with no direction
Who grow up to be lonely men with the lost power of  affection
Left your mark up in these women
A delusional spiritual famine
While you were busy fucking everything
You passed many queens
Might have overlooked
Because your just so overbooked
and the only way to love a woman whole is through her heart
Lonely men love em in bits ans pieces , puzzle piece art

By Lina Gonzalez


  1. This is Boss, It tell a whole story. Rappers need to see your Poetry :)

  2. see! thats what i'm talking are a 'REAL" POET!....i'm not. your words are deep and to the point, heartfelt and real,please accept my apoligy for the mistake on the other site. you know we cool and have talked. i did not intentionally do that on there.....i miss you as my friend...please come back.
    mike/ @thepoetrician