Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Once upon a time lived a man
With a super power granted to him by a higher being
He was born to draw
He suffered from procrastination
No matter how many times he used his imagination
He would always end up with unfinished business
Stored thoughts sharp enough to wound enemies
So he cluttered and he cluttered his collection until a war broke out
With his mind he drew himself a world to escape too
So he ran in
Throwing hand grenades at his demons
Sidestepping the devil
Drawing weapons and bombs to survive
Never looking back he entered a world where only art existed
Trees come to life bearing fist
The signs and arrows all pointed in one direction
Unexpectedly he drew up a mountain and moved it
Lost all control of his senses
He saw something moving in the distance
He spotted a young girl at her knees
He didn't draw her up
She just suddenly appeared
His imagination couldn't let him draw things he had never seemed
She wasn't from the depths of his imagination she was real
A one of a kind jewel
Stone cold but beautiful like a purple gem
She was sitting on the beach lonely and mute
She had lost her voice in a fight
So instead she learned how to write
With the only tool available
The sand and the beach
She used branches as her pencil
Writing for so many years
The sun had turned wet sand into rock
It was all written in stone
He walked up carefully not to step on her words
She looked at the sand lost she struggled with with a writers block
His imagination bursts out creating more imagery
He couldn't control what was happening
Uncontrollable paintings filled the air
Nearly transparent no hiding what he was thinking she read him like an x-ray
So she wrote a message on the sand
"I need to get out of here
and when the moment comes I will know the right words to write"
As soon as she saw him
The words came to her
She steady wrote them on the sand
They read
"His picture will paint you a story
Her stories will paint you a picture"
They locked eyes like a lock and key
They seemed like the new Adam and Eve
So the mute girl spoke for the first time in many years
"I been trying to get out of here , i been writing the story,
but couldn't paint the picture"
His response "The signs that lead me here told me I needed drive"
She said" So draw a car" and she wrote
"I will be you battery acid to your engines, I will come with you and finish the story , but you must let also give
me get a try at the drivers seat"
"Rev up your engines
Drive this car to the moon like ET
Draw the world a new skyline
All write it all out from the passenger side
And you just draw these stories
Here we go
Do not slow down
Do not push on the brakes until the new world has been drawn"
He agrees
They don't slow down
He put it on drive
But instead he learned how to fly
He flew until the sky reached nightfall
His pictures glowing in the dark
Like constellations
Drawing and drawing
She kept writing their destination
She wrote about a lot of sunshine
So sunshine he gave her
Unexpected rain approached
This wasn't in the script
They crash back to the ground
It was meant for them to come back down
Wounded he bleeds paint
And her cartoon like words bounce off the floor
These minds so sick
Wanting to vomit creativity on canvases and legal pads
Now they have crash landed from the heavens into the world
God already has planted a full gallery in his mind that he does not even know about
Each moment he blesses the world every time he draws his visions
Archives waiting to arrive to canvas, walls, paper, and skin
To surprise and "Oooohh" and "Ah" the world
His blood creates a yellow brick road
There off to see the wizard
But this time with courage a heart and wisdom
There off to ask the wizard:
That their sins unravel into miracles
To ask the wizard to save the poets who just cannot speak
And that the inspiration would creep
Leaving her pen like doses of magic
A fusion to reality
That his paintings would draw signs for the lost
Monumental perfection
The wizard sat back and
Smoked her poems
Light it up with his paint
Inhaled the magic
Filled his lungs with poetry
Blew out scriptures in cartoons
Put it all in the air
Let it roam the streets
He spread it through the air like an airborne disease
The wizard said:
"This is a purple sky that can fall on me a million times
May your words fill the bellies of empty voids
May inspiration be your gift
You the author and him the illustrator
May your pop-up book turn to life"

By Lina Gonzalez

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