Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I took a hit of that purple
My mind went flying into the clouds
I took a hit of that purple
I couldn’t even feel myself
Instantly hooked
While it traveled through every void filling it up
I was overloaded with “joy”
So wrong to over dose on this
And abuse it
Knew all the rules but decided to break them
Because walking in straight lines just didn’t make the cut
Walking in circles was my kind of dance
I always seem to take detours
And go wherever my mind wanders
Took a hit of that purple and looked death into the eyes
My veins overflowing
My body overflowing with this euphoric state of mind
So many years went by as I survived on that purple
Rarely making the fuckin day
Waking up into another day felt helpless
So I stopped suddenly
And it was taken away for me
Like an addict
Withdrawing every god dam day
Tears filled my eyes
Anxiety filled my chest
Knees hit the ground this is rock bottom
The crash landing was bad 
And when it wasn’t around anymore
Purple pouring rain
I cried these purple tears
Lit purple candles
I was happy just to make it through the day
If I could GPS hell
Id say it was located in my mind
The thoughts that ran through me everyday
Were gruesome enough for movies
Death scenes
I killed you a thousand times
Each death slower then the last
 This is the result of that purple shyt
So just when it got worse then rock bottom
I thought I was going 6 feet under
Id like to call rehab the ward of time
Slow seconds that become lifetimes
No more of that purple shyt
That clouds my mind
Are you reading between the lines?

By Lina Gonzalez

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  1. nice, snap snap snap for this poem. Purple stuff can definitely make you see things. I enjoyed this piece, Purple shyt definitely ain't good for the mind.lol. I am sure you have a natural high and can be creative without any drugs... most of us creative ppl have a natural drug. Keep writing awesome poems Ms.Lina!