Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Full Price Love

I gave you the benefit of the doubt
But you only benefited from me
While my head filled up wit doubts
The clock is ticking
You waste my time my love
You are blessed
Because Im blessing you always
While you perform comfortable sins with my body
But this love is no longer for sale
And it sure isn't it free
But all you want to do is bargain with me
Seems cheap to me
Willing to pay HALF price for my love
While Im left paying the full price for the aftermath
To hell with compromise
I have become restless of just being comfortable
I'm way too much of rebel for “play it safes” and safe zones
Love isn't easy
or guaranteed
But I'm done with ” flirtationships”
More then a friendship
But less then a relationship
I'd fight with you
 But your barb wires have hurt me enough
Tired of the usual young love games
This is a new phase where the 50 /50 begins
So spare me some change
Not done with love
Done with confused souls
Bargains, cheap sales, half prices
Im searching for the jackpot

By Lina Gonzalez

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